Equipped with effective tools and strategies, even small businesses can achieve a large impact on their marketing initiatives and campaigns. Here are 4 simple examples of marketing activities that have proven time and time again to achieve strong results in driving up exposure, engagement and conversions.

Facebook marketing for small businesses

Social media platforms are powerful mediums for promoting your small business, at a minimal cost.

They can even bring benefits with your search engine rankings as well, depending on how you’re perceived by others and how you engage with your account.

The key is to uphold a high level of consistency across your social media accounts, and in fact, it’s generally advised to post at least 3 times per week in order to build long-term momentum and traction.

Additionally, you have the option to take a free or low cost paid route for managing these social media accounts. In particular, Facebook marketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular as simple ways of reaching thousands or even millions of individuals, in an intelligently targeted manner. Opt for a business profile so you can advertise your products and services through paid ads, but many companies actually manage to thrive just on the free features alone.

Why content is important for your site

Content marketing existed well before the dawn of social media avenues and continues to be an effective way of engaging potential customers and attracting them to your business’ site.

Building out your website’s content and blog is actually a strategic technique through which businesses can present information about their offerings or niche in a clear way.

It’s generally advised to post at least 3 times per week.

By focusing on targeted (and particularly long-tailed) keywords, businesses can drive up their Google rankings which is crucial to maximizing exposure to a larger potential audience.

It’s also worth noting that it’s about quality, not quantity. Creating high-quality, evergreen articles that are relevant and useful to your target audience will help drive up SEO and lead to more people landing on your site! As long as your readers are attaining value from what your content presents, you’re on the right track.

Email marketing is not dead

Some believe that email marketing is a thing of the past, and social media is all the craze.

However, building up your database of email addresses of subscribers to your website, blog or business is absolutely crucial! If for whatever reason a social media platform went down, there would go your followers as well. However, your email database is your own, if backed up and stored properly.

Emails allow businesses to connect with consumers and potential customers in a direct and personal way. It’s a low cost approach to reaching hundreds or thousands of individuals. Some easy email marketing approaches include having a monthly business newsletter sharing team, product or service updates. You can also include special or exclusive offers.

Email marketing allows businesses to connect directly and in a personal way

Having regular, but not overly frequent, touchpoints is a fundamental way of remaining connected to your clientele, and long term customer loyalty is a massive driver of future business success.

Why sending postcards is a good idea

In recent months, a surprising trend is taking hold of small business across the globe. Sending postcards is a traditional approach that has now been adapted with modern twists as an effective marketing tool. While not everybody opens all their emails in their inbox, it’s much more likely that people will read an aesthetic, personalised postcard that comes through in their physical mailbox!

Mailchimp’s Direct Mail Postcards is one example of an online platform supporting the design and creation of postcards, with the sending all taken care of as well. Whether you want to announce the opening of your online or physical store, or if you have an upcoming promotion you want to share, a physical postcard can be an astonishingly effective way of reaching your potential (or current) customer base.

If you’re a small business looking for ways to take your efforts to the next level, consider implementing some of these marketing strategies and techniques, and be amazed at the difference they can make. As low cost marketing activities, these ideas are sure to set you on a strong path to growth and future success.


So there you have it very simple hey! Our advice would be to ensure you focus in on one aspect of your marketing, and stop chasing the shiny object (Guilty!). You also want to know where your audience and target markets hang out so you can tailor you message and strategy to fit their requirements. If I could leave you one final hot tip, just be helpful and you will become noticed through word of mouth, and word of mouth is the best marketing any small business could want.

If you think your website could do with a boot, please feel free to get in touch.

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