Why do you need professional headshot photos for your website?

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Why do you need professional headshot photos for your website?
Why do you need professional headshot photos for your website?
Jun 29, 2020

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You may have heard it said, “you only get one chance to make a first impression.” Research supports this popular adage showing that within seven seconds a person will make several judgments about who you are and if they can trust you.

Your website is the shop front of your business. In fact, it is imperative that your website is spot on as it portrays your business, your brand and how you do business. It is critical to make a great first impression. The best way to make a brilliant first and lasting impressive is with an impressive business headshot photo or portrait.

Using quality, professional photography content across your website, social media and other digital channels not only catches the reader’s interest but also improves your visibility online. Quality images are one of the most valuable tools for getting better results from your content. 

Visitors are 80% more likely to engage with content if it’s paired with an image and 64% more likely to remember what they read or heard.

Five reasons why professional headshots on your website is key to better results;

1. Good first impression

As mentioned above, images on your website and social media are often the first impressions of your business. So, it’s absolutely vital to have your best foot forward to make your business stand out.

2. Competitive Edge

Professional photography can set the tone for your whole business, showing your potential customers that you are committed to providing them with professional service and quality product

3. Personal Touch

Having a professional portrait of you and your team gives your business a personal. People want to see a photo of the person with whom they’re doing business with.

4. Establish Brand Identity

Imagery is an indispensable part of your brand and how your business communicates itself to the public. It’s also an emotional tie that you make with your customers.

5. There’s not comparison to Quality.

No matter how good the camera on your phone is, you simply can’t beat the quality produced by professional photographers. Years of experience, coupled with the great quality gear they use, guarantees the final images are high quality and perfect for the platforms you intend to use them on, whether it’s your website, social or print media.

Find a corporate photographer near you.

If you would like to find a Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane based professional photographer who can take great images of your team or yourself. To use on your business website, checkout our resources and tools page to get in contact with a corporate photographer.

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