Email marketing why every business should be doing it

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Email marketing why every business should be doing it
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May 8, 2018

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Ask yourself this question.  Do you get emails, do you read emails,  do you send emails?

Well if you answered yes to any of these ask the question are you sending marketing emails to clients informing them of news, updates, special offers, upcoming events, things of interest, new products you have, new services you might offering, new teams members and funny stories what the dog ate for breakfast!

In a time with so many distractions email still has a lot of marketing pull if done right. Having a good email strategy can set you up and be the difference between you and the competitors. It’s why it a good idea to sit down and come up with an email strategy for your business. So if you are getting a website built having email collection points on your site should not be an afterthought, you should ask your website developer and designer about integrating capture points.  However, before you do this, you should have an email strategy in mind and why your email list might be the best investment and most valuable asset in your business.

So where do you start?

I would start by thinking in customer cycles. So for this article lets keep it focused on collecting new visitors for your business that have found you online.

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Today you can’t just say “Join our newsletter” it sounds old-fashioned unless you are going to send out snail mail.  Your best to offer the visitor an option to receive something of value, something you can giveaway on your site or via an email that is not going to cost you. It could be as simple as some advice.

“Email is so important and is not dead in marketing for your business”

Ideas for building an email list

Let’s say your Car Mechanic. You could have an offer,  “Find out the three things to check before taking a family road trip” This could be simple checklist provided in the welcome email you send after someone signs up, inside the email, you could also have surprised a delight. Book a service this month a receive a “free car wash after your service”.

The best way to come up with affordable offers is to grab some paper and brainstorm a list of ideas, also look at other industries and competitors to how they are capturing and growing their email lists.

There are many tactics to build your email list but its good to talk with your developer and designer about this option for your website, so the can plan and this option ready for you when you are ready to start capturing email to build your business and make your site work for you.

If you are interested in learning about some great tactics and ideas to build an email list from your website and ways to use your list to increase engagement and revenue. We would love to chat you can easily contact us for obligation free chat or if you are in the northern beaches area of Sydney come and have coffee our shout.

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