Affordable and professional hosting, perfect for small business websites. Easy to scale as your grow

Cloudways is what we use to manage our clients hosting services. It's a fantastic managed hosting platform for business owners who want to eliminate sys-admin headaches. It has heaps of speed, security & 24/7 expert support with five different cloud providers. So you can easily pick a hosting cloud provider that will meet your needs.

To create and set up a Wordpress website under the 5 providers on Cloud ways is super easy, the staging environment setups also make it easy to work on your site without affecting the live site.

If you are looking for a managed hosting and maintenance provider who will take care of everything, we offer this service. If you want to go alone and set up and manage yourself, simply click the red button on this page for detail.

Things we like about Cloudways for small business.

Free Trial Available - great way to test out before purchasing


24/7 Support is excellent they are always available to answer any questions


Super Easy to create WordPress website on


Our sites run really well and efficiently, and we can easily scale if needed.

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