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Awesome hosting and maintainence plans.

Sydney Website Designer

You focus on the customers and
we will focus on your website.

Package options for business owners, who would rather focus on the customers. Then doing an update or changing content on their own website.

Benefits of HOSTING & SUPPORT.

Update and Optimisation

We will be working in the background of your website to maintain and update the essetials, keep things clean and ensure your site is running smoothly


Your website will be monitored and protected from spam, malware and other nasty internet bugs, bots and evil no gooders.

We Look after those Small Jobs

Do you really have time to tweak, and replace a gallery or images, or update some copy, adjust details about your services or products.  All our packages allow us to handle this for you.  Conditions apply


Your websites are backed up, so just in case you have a “oh dear moment” we can roll your website back to the previous day or week. Its, nice to know you can travel back in time!

HOSTING & SUPPORT Package costs

OUR SUPPORT LETS you MANAGE your business SO YOU will SPEND less time worrying about your website.

WhICH is the BEST website Support PAckage


DIY Plan

The DIY plan is perfect for a small business that is just starting out and is not ready to go all in. We cover off all the essentials for you and ensure your site is set up correctly on a state of art cloud hosting server and is ready to show your best foot. 


Silver Hosting Plan

The silver hosting plan is perfect for a small business that requires all the essentials, plus is looking for support with adding images, loading content, and making small tweaks when required.


Gold Hosting Plan

The gold plan is perfect for a business that require more hosting space someone to take control and manage their website. We cover off all the essentials, plus provide more time to help you with managing your website content and small jobs.


Stop trying to figure it out, we have your covered.

Simply reach out and contact James Hayward today, to have a chat about the best website hosting and support options for your business.