Simply find a website that fits with your requirements and needs, then select your support package. You can always upgrade and downgrade your support and hosting if your not sure.

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Cheapest Website Payment Plan on Starter Package over 24 months

Website + hosting

Total Cost in GST

$600 START + $1,896 LIVE

Paid in Full with Discount


$600 + MonthLY Plan

Small Business Website on Starter Package over 24 months

Website + hosting

Total Cost in GST

$2475 START + $79 mth

 24 months with discount


$2475 + Monthly Plan

Best website Hosting options 

You don’t have time to fuss over your website and manage the backend stuff. It’s why we have a range of support packages which include hosting to help you get on with the other things.


Project Payment Options

How do our payment options and plans work

Starter package – we require 100% payment to begin the project. 

Customised and Custom Package – Before we start any project we require a 50% deposit to start the project and the remaining 50% is payable prior to the website going live.

Payment Accepted:  Visa / Mastercard / Amex Credit Card.  Direct Deposit upon request.


Please refer to the full terms and conditions before purchasing. All Prices quoted include GST and are available until June 30th 2020

If you are looking for a price range from your local web designer. Typically our prices for majority of projects fall between $1800 to $3500.  Not all projects are the same so your site project could be less than $1000, prices will depend on what you want your site to do and how many pages you have for your site.  Cheap website design packages are available starting from $500 where we will get you up and running and then the rest is up to you with updating, customisation and optimisation. 

Love YOUR SITE Forever?

Free Website Refresh

We will offer you a site refresh after 24 months.  This is a great opportunity to give your site a facelift and fresh look if it’s required.
Conditions Apply Available to new site builds in Jan 2020. 


“think of it as little nip and tuck for your website to make sure you are always looking good, how very zen.”

Solutions & Support

Do you have a website that is looking tired, or not playing nice? Contact us today for a free chat about the possibilities of solving your website problems.

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